Youth Hope will launch a new skincare solution – Glucuronol Pure, extracted from Taiwan Natural Snow Fungus.

The research is supported by Taiwan Government – Agricultural Research Institute, its extraction method and proven effects are patented.


Glucuronol Pure creates a thin layer on the surface, which is:

  1. Protective against PM2.5/pollutants/bad substances
  2. Moisturizing effects & Preventing water loss
  3. Lightening the spots on the skin & Collagen Systhesis

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Visit us at booth# 4052, Halls 4, KLCC, Malaysia

Tuesday 11  to Thursday 13, April 2017

10am to 5pm





Youth Hope Wild Kouso, a series of functional food that fermented through a patented closed system.

  1. Fermented Detoxifying Herbal Fruitful Green
  2. Fermented Neuroprotective Black Garlic
  3. Fermented Alkalizing Green Plum


It is a multistage continuous closed system – no contamination from other bad organism during fermentation or during transferring.

Thus, with no sterilization performed, it retains more nutrients, antioxidants, polyphenol, probiotics and precious fermented essence.